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googolplex websiteGoogolplex® is the credit union guide for student moneymakers, It’s an online magazine written by youth for youth, and deals with money matters and life issues through colorful stories and interactive games. Googolplex reaches youth of all ages - C-Note for high schoolers, AJ’s for middle schoolers, and the Five-Spot for elementary schoolers. Try Googolplex today!


MoneyMix™: Launch Your Life

Moneymix siteIf you’re an 18-to-30 year old, you’ll find valuable financial information at MoneyMix™. Earning, spending, borrowing, investing and more. MoneyMix has the right mix of financial tools and information that will help you unlock your tremendous potential.

Create your own profile with MyMoneyMix and also participate in financial blogs. It’s a step in the right direction.

MoneyMix™: Launch your life.


Coogan Accounts

Coogan 5.00% APYWhen we were kids, most of us lost some privileges. It’s just a part of being a kid. Jackie Coogan, on the other hand, was a child actor who lost a lot more than privileges; he lost millions because of irresponsible parents. But now, you don’t have to worry, because thanks to the Coogan Act (SB 1162), every time young performers work under an entertainment contract, 15% of their gross earnings are set-aside for them until they reach legal majority. All thanks to “Uncle Fester.”

Coogan Accounts insure that child actors and athletes and other young performers receive this portion of their earnings when they reach majority age, now 18. Safely insured, First Entertainment Coogan Minor-Blocked Accounts are easily set up to directly accept these funds. Remember, these earnings are the legal property of the minor. The rules are simple:

  1. A court order is no longer required to open a Coogan Account
  2. The minor is the Beneficiary
  3. The parent is the Trustee
  4. No withdrawals are allowed until the minor turns 18, and
  5. The Trustee may transfer funds to an equivalent account before that time

Find the Coogan Account Application here. Or see our Apply Now section for applications for all our products and services.

Teen Checking

First Entertainment’s Teen Checking is a great way to start your financial life. It’s account available to all members, ages 13-17, with a parent or legal guardian as joint tenant. This account has checks issued in the teen's name, no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirement and offers free access to, the credit union's home banking program. It doesn't earn dividends, but we promise not to hassle you about your hair or cleaning your room.

First Entertainment’s Teen Checking features unlimited check writing, and there are NO PER-CHECK CHARGES regardless of your balance. (We’ll give you a minute for a quick celebration dance.) It also features carbonless checks, so you'll automatically write a non-negotiable duplicate of every check you issue. You'll have an accurate, permanent record of all your transactions. To help offset our "no-per-check charges" feature, original checks are not returned with your monthly statement, but you are able to both view and print your cancelled checks online via And besides, less paper waste saves trees. Yay Earth!

Fill out our Checking Account Application. Or see our Apply Now section for applications for all our products and services.

Student Computer Loans

Technology changes daily. That’s almost as often as a college student! So, if you’re feeling like you may need to catch up to the “tech curve,” you may be in the market for a new computer. Good thing you’re a member of First Entertainment Credit Union, because we specialize in Student Computer Loans. Here are the details:

  • $2,500 maximum loan
  • Great low rates right now
  • 36-month payment term (Approx. $80 per month)
  • It’s pretty easy. And it’s a great way to get started in establishing a good credit history. For many of our younger members, this is a very common first loan.

Fill out our Consumer Loan Application. Or see our Apply Now section for applications for all our products and services.

Or call us at 888-800-3328, we’ll help you secure your new Student Computer Loan and explain the terms and repayment options.

Applicant must have current Student ID to qualify for this program. Proof of income is required. Applicants 18 years or older may require a co-signer. Applicants 16 -18 and that have no credit history will require a co-signer.



*Annual Percentage Yield: APY is based on the assumption that dividends remain on deposit for the entire dividend period.

**The APY for an account balance up to $500 in First500 Youth Accounts (or Coogan Accounts) will be 5.00% APY on account balances up to $500 with Internet access and eStatement only. Balances above $500 in qualifying accounts and any balance in a non-qualifying First500 account will earn the First500 Savings Base Rate. One First500 Account per Social Security Number. Rates subject to change without notice.

†Joint tenant must qualify for an Advantage or Value Checking Account in their own right. If the joint tenant has a First Entertainment Checking Account, it must be maintained in good standing. Teen Checking Accounts have a minimum opening deposit of $1.00, do not earn dividends, and have no minimum balance requirement.

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