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Telling you that Media Benefits Insurance Services can help you find great insurance is just the start. But relating real stories from real members is a more effective way to show how we can make insurance work better for you.

  Roy MacKinnon Member (22 years):
Roy MacKinnon
Vice President, Marketing
First Entertainment Credit Union

First Entertainment: You certainly had prior insurance relationships. Why were you interested in possibly switching to Media Benefits?

MacKINNON: Working at First Entertainment, I've seen how committed Media Benefits is at finding our members the lowest possible rates. When my wife and I were thinking about our insurance, we decided that it would be smart to do a comparison. Not just with Media Benefits, but other companies too. I wasn't necessarily unhappy with my current insurance at the time, but we're always looking for ways to be proactive with our finances.

FE: So, you price-shopped your policies?

MacKINNON: Of course! (Laughing) I'm always looking for ways to save money and after our price comparisons were done, Media Benefits offered me one of the lowest rates in the market.

FE: Was low-rate important?

MacKINNON: Absolutely! But it's not everything. We're interested in the strength of the company behind the policies and we're very interested in knowing that someone is there when we need to make a claim.

FE: Was it easy to switch?

MacKINNON: If you saw a $100 bill lying on the ground, is it easy to pick it up? Sure it was easy. And now, it's so simple that you can walk in and usually get a quote in about 10 minutes. Give 'em a signature (or an e-signature online) and you're done!

FE: Were you able to take advantage of any discounts?

MacKINNON: Lots of discounts! Multi-Policy, Multi-Car, and Good Driver, In the end, after bundling these policies, no other company was even remotely competitive.

FE: Did you find anything unique about the experience?

MacKINNON: I needed Watercraft insurance for my WaveRunner®.They bundled that into my insurance coverage along with an umbrella policy too.

FE: So, you would recommend Media Benefits Insurance Services?

MacKINNON: Absolutely! In fact, I tell people about their great rates and service all the time. It reminds me of that Hair Club for Men® commercial where the guy says that he isn't just the President, he's a customer. I have a full head of hair, but I know what he meant. We're very satisfied with the product and you can't beat the service. We have peace of mind and we're satisfied that we made a smart financial decision too.


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