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CU Rewards

Pay for stuff the Visa® way and get more free stuff.

Just by using your First Entertainment Visa Platinum® Card you can earn points that can be redeemed at CURewards for a wide range of awards.* Choose exciting travel destinations or over 500 brand name items including high-end electronics and quality housewares – there's a reward waiting just for you! See our Visa Platinum Card page for more information.

CU Rewards

CU Rewards

And until October 25, 2015 ... a chance at thousands of items & 60 seconds to grab all you can in PSCU's "Magic Minute" Sweepstakes!

Use your First Entertainment Visa Platinum Card three times a week for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Chicago and a 60-second shopping spree in a CURewards warehouse! Just click the graphic below to register – but don't wait to register, their sweepstakes ends 10/25/15.

Got enough stuff already?

We've got an answer for that too. Why not use your CURewards points to enhance your already stellar credit union products and services?

  • Free Checks – Out of checks? Use your points to order up some more! 1 box=2,500 points, 2 boxes=5,000 points, 3 boxes=7,500 points, 4 boxes=10,000 points.
  • More offers on CU products and services to come!

To take advantage of these product and service rewards (or just to find out a little more info), call us directly, toll-free at 888.800.3328.



Redemption levels for merchandise, air and travel rewards start at 2,500 points. For complete terms and details, please visit

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