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Click, Click, Pay, Pay. That’s not a loan shark shaking you down… it’s the sound of you paying your bills automatically. If you think online banking is great, you're going to love First Entertainment's Billp@yer, our online bill pay program. With your First Entertainment Checking Account, Billp@yer allows you to pay your monthly bills directly from your computer without ever writing another paper check! And who doesn’t love saving the trees? You’ll also save time, postage and hassle… and you can make your payments just like you always have, whenever it’s convenient for you. 

With Billp@yer:

  • Your online check writing is FREE, and
  • You get unlimited online checks per month.*

Sign up for Billp@yer today! You’ll need to be a user. If you are, just log in and follow the directions below to set up your account. If you’re not:

  • Call the Credit Union at 888-800-3328 to be “enabled” for use.

Once enabled for, log in and you'll be prompted on how to set up your account. After that, simply:

  • Click on the Billp@yer button
  • Confirm your information, and
  • Click the ENROLL button at the bottom of the page

Additionally, by using Billp@yer you may be able to start earning 5% APY on your First500 Savings Account! If you have more questions about using Billp@yer or, just call us at 888-800-3328 and we’ll help you get started.

Should you have any issues with Billp@yer regarding payment inquiries or disputes, or questions on how to set up new payments, please contact Billp@yer Support directly at 888-918-7483.

* Any normal fee that applies to your current checking account (i.e. NSF, Stop Payment, etc.) will apply to this account. View a current Schedule of Fees and Charges.

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