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Digital Banking Tutorials

Navigating Digital Banking With Ease


We created a handful of How To videos to help you get acquainted with - and get the most out of - First Entertainment Credit Union's newly redesigned Digital Banking.


New Digital Banking Introduction - This video provides a brief overview of the exciting, easy-to-use features and tools now available to offer a more holistic approach to the everyday management of your finances. To view, click the image below.


New Digital Banking Features - We redesigned our Digital Banking Website and Mobile App to include features that deliver better financial insights and give you more control to manage your money anytime, anywhere, more effortless than ever before.


Transfers Between Internal and External Accounts - Click the image below to learn how to complete Transfers and Payments using First Entertainment's Digital Banking.


Setting Up Notifications - Monitoring your account is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Establish alerts using the robust notifications feature to stay connected and track account activity wherever you are 24/7.


Business Banking Administration Widget - Our Business Banking members are now able to authorize account access, create and assign roles, manage customized permissions, establish transaction limits, and more! Watch our video for a step-by-step guide by clicking the image below.


Got Questions?

We've got answers! Head over to our FAQs page or click here for details.