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Checking Accounts at First Entertainment

A checking account at First Entertainment offers all the benefits of bank checking, including many cost-saving, convenient features. Plus, sleeping is easier without a big lump under your mattress.

A variety of checking accounts are available depending upon your individual needs:

Value Checking

First Entertainment's Value Checking features no monthly service fee and no minimum balance requirement. However, it does not earn dividends. But, it's still a pretty good deal given how banking has changed.

Open a Value Checking Account today! It's still FREE and it's still a great value.

Advantage Checking

Earns dividends on balances of any amount, and the monthly service fee is waived if a minimum balance is maintained.* That's fair, don't you think? Dividends are posted monthly; earnings are clearly itemized on your monthly account statement.

Teen Checking

An account available to all members, ages 13-17, with a parent or legal guardian as joint tenant. This account has checks issued in the teen's name, no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirement and offers free access to, the credit union's home banking program. For our members 16-17, a Debit Card is also available for easy account access. This account doesn't earn dividends, but we promise not to hassle you about your hair or cleaning your room.


Convenient features of our checking accounts:

All our accounts feature unlimited check writing, and there are NO PER-CHECK CHARGES regardless of your checking account type or balance. (We'll give you a minute for a quick celebration dance.) With both Value Checking and Advantage Checking your first order of Hollywood Dreams Checks are FREE! And all First Entertainment Checking Accounts have helpful options like Overdraft Protection and Debit Cards.

All First Entertainment Checking Accounts use carbonless checks, so you'll automatically write a non-negotiable duplicate of every check you issue. You'll have an accurate, permanent record of all your transactions. To help offset our "no-per-check charges" feature, original checks are not returned with your monthly statement, but you are able to both view and print your cancelled checks online via And besides, less paper waste saves trees. Yay Earth!

To open a checking account complete our Checking Account Application. Or see our Apply Now section for applications for all our products and services.

Revealing Checking Account Information

In today's electronic world, consumers are often asked to provide account information over the phone or the Internet. It can be for paying for something, or for receiving a tax refund or a payroll direct deposit… whatever. Just be sure you give the correct account info; you don't want to accidentally access some casting director's account.

First, make sure you really want to give your account information to the person or company requesting it. Con artists and identity theft aren't just in the movies.

If yes, be sure to use the correct numbers. These are encoded on the bottom of your checks. The first nine digits (at the bottom, starting from left) are the credit union's routing number, followed by some punctuation, followed by your account number. You'll need to give this in its entirety, including the correct number of zeros. Then comes some more punctuation and the check number, which is not part of the account number. By correctly providing these numbers now, you can avoid account/transaction problems in the future.

* To avoid a monthly service fee, a minimum daily checking account balance of $1,000 or a combined minimum daily balance of $4,000 between checking and savings accounts is required. First box of Hollywood Dreams Checks are FREE upon opening either a Value Checking, Teen Checking, or Advantage Checking Account.

Joint tenant must qualify for an Advantage or Value Checking Account in their own right. If the joint tenant has a First Entertainment Checking Account, it must be maintained in good standing. Teen Checking Accounts have a minimum opening deposit of $1.00, do not earn dividends, and have no minimum balance requirement.

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