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Preventing Hot Car Hazards


As temperatures soar, the risks of leaving children and pets in hot cars increase. Learn essential tips to keep them safe and help prevent harm.

As temperatures rise, so do the risks of leaving your kids and pets unattended in vehicles. Learn how you can keep them safe. 

Great news: Air quality in California has improved, but there’s a downside. Southern California, including Los Angeles, has become significantly hotter, with greenhouse gas emissions rising by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Shockingly, L.A. is warming faster than almost anywhere else in the nation.

This is crucial because rising temperatures also elevate the risks of leaving kids and pets unattended in cars. In fact, in 2022, there were 36 tragic hot car deaths, and this year, as of August 11, there have been 15, as reported by KidsandCars.org. Most incidents involved children left unknowingly in vehicles. Discover how you can ensure their safety from potential harm.

Hot Cars, Hidden Dangers

Warm weather can swiftly turn parked cars into life-threatening ovens. Don’t be fooled by moderate temperatures—within just minutes, a car’s interior can soar to over 90°F, even at 73°F outside. The vulnerable, like infants, children, seniors, and pets, face greater risks.

Signs of Heatstroke

Spotting the signs early—such as soaring internal temperatures, confusion, or nausea—is vital, especially as children’s bodies heat up faster than adults’.

Protect Your Pets

Our furry companions are equally at risk. Dogs pant to stay cool, but in hot or humid conditions, this isn’t enough. Signs of heat stroke, like excessive panting, rapid pulse, or glazed eyes, demand immediate attention.

Take Swift Action

Recognize signs of heat stroke? Act fast. Move them to a cooler place, seek help, and use a cool, damp towel on their back and neck to lower their temperature.

Be Proactive

Form habits like checking the backseat and placing reminders. Lock unattended cars and use delivery services when necessary if you don’t have time to bring the kids along.

Protect Your Vehicle, Too

Aside from endangering lives, leaving children and pets unattended in a vehicle may lead to interior damage, and insurance may not cover wear and tear or damage by a pet or family. But if someone breaks into your car to rescue an unattended child or pet, comprehensive coverage may help pay for the broken window.

Treatment and Coverage

Remember, the personal injury liability coverage on your auto insurance policy may not cover medical expenses for injuries to a person or pet in unattended vehicles. Health insurance and pet insurance are vital.

An experienced insurance agent can help you review your policies to ensure you’ve got the right coverage for your needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable MBIS agents below and let us help you cover all the bases so you can focus on summertime fun.

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