Proudly Introducing Our New Brand Identity.

In the coming months, you’ll notice some changes. New colors. A fresh new logo. A new tagline and slogan. A new way of engaging members and strengthening our affinity with those we serve in today’s ever-changing entertainment industry landscape. But, we want to emphasize one thing above all else: our values will remain unchanged because the story of First Entertainment is as amazing as each one of our employees, members, and industry partners.

Change is exciting, but it can also cause uncertainty. We will be updating this page regularly if you’d like bookmark it to see where we are throughout the process. We have created an FAQ below that we hope answers some of the questions about our new brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing at First Entertainment Credit Union?
First Entertainment is getting a new logo and tagline (“Your Story Matters”) along with a fresh new look. Everything else at First Entertainment will remain the same.

What prompted the change?

Times change, and so do the needs of our members. Our roots may lie with the studios, but today we represent all facets of entertainment – from film to music, gaming and sports as well as content creators, & supporting functions/services. The goal of our rebranding efforts is to maintain an alignment with all those who are a part of the entertainment community.

What does the new tagline mean?

Our new tagline, “Your Story Matters,” embodies our belief that every member has a unique story and we are here to help them realize every phase of that story be it professional or personal.

What does the new logo mean?

Our new logo uses a graphic motif of two interlocking spotlights – one green, the other blue – to signify the focus on understanding our members on an individual level and the affinity with Industry Partners cultivated through a shared familiarity of the changing entertainment landscape. The logo’s two spotlights also intersect to form a star; a reference to the creative star power of the industry and indicating the type of treatment we give each of our members. Every element supports our singular mission of putting these Creators, our members, first.

Why did the logo change?

Our previous logo wasn’t working synergistically to convey a cohesive message. Our new logo uses the graphic motif of spotlights to show we’re invested in entertainment and actively focusing on the highly individual needs of both Members and the companies we serve. Every element now works intentionally to support our singular mission of putting our members first.

When will the new brand take effect?

Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless brand transition as is feasibly possible. . Over the next few months, the new logo will gradually replace our former logo wherever it appears. The entire rebranding process will include branches’ exterior and interior signage, our ATMs, website, home banking, and mobile app, product brochures, account statements, credit and debit cards, and more. Keep watching our various channels as the changes appear.

Does anything change with how members bank with us?

Our core values remain unchanged. Everything that our members love about us remains the same.

Is First Entertainment’s staff changing as a result of the rebrand?

No. The individual staff members and leaders at each branch and headquarters will remain the same.

Will my member number change?

No. Your member and account numbers will remain the same. There will be no changes to existing accounts.

Will my checks, debit/credit cards, accounts still work?

Yes, you can continue to use your checks and cards as you normally would until they expire or we issue you a new one. New designs for checks and debit/credit cards will be announced in the near future. Other than the new logo eventually appearing on all First Entertainment materials, your account will not be affected. It will all just have a new look!

Will my Online Banking and Mobile App account look different?

The colors and logos in Online Banking and Mobile App will change, but all the functionality will remain the same. All credentials will remain the same.

Will my Direct Deposit and Bill P@yer need to be changed or updated?

No. Direct deposits and electronic bill payments will remain the same. First Entertainment’s routing number and your account number will not be changed. Any automatic payments you have setup will process as usual.

What about MBIS Insurance Services and FEIS Investment Services?

MBIS and FEIS will change to reflect the new brand look and feel, but the exceptional service will remain the same.