Five Reasons To Get Pet Insurance 

Our pets. We love them like family and take care of them like family. But your best friend's care can be expensive. Families may spend as much as $13,000 to $17,000 on veterinary care over their pets' lives. And, if your pet suffers a catastrophic emergency or long-term illness, it could cost much more. First Entertainment Credit Union's insurance experts share this important information as to why you should get pet insurance. 

Peace of mind 

Pet insurance gives you the same peace of mind that health insurance does for humans. Pet insurance policies typically cover dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. It will help you pay for veterinary care if your pet were to be injured or becomes ill. You will also be able to choose the best medical treatment for your pet, which you may not be able to afford without pet insurance.  

Save significant money 

Pet insurance can reimburse 80% or more of vet bills depending on your chosen plan. There are different packages for every budget level. This could save you thousands in unexpected costs, and you won't be forced to use your emergency fund to pay for treatment. 

Veterinary care is expensive and rising 

Due to the development in drugs and medical technologies, vet bills can be as high as $500 for an annual medical check-up to thousands if they become ill or are injured. Unfortunately, many pet owners can't afford vet prices, so their pets do not receive proper medical care. Pet insurance gives you financial resources to take good care of your beloved pet. 

Hereditary conditions are covered 

Many pets suffer from serious health problems and congenital conditions, which often can be caused by inbreeding. Medical experts recommend getting pet insurance as early as possible so that if your pet ends up with a hereditary condition, they will be covered. 

Pet insurance is customized to your situation 

Pet insurance offers flexible packages that will fit your needs and your budget. You can choose from a multitude of coverage options and reimbursement percentages for services, such as veterinary exams, surgeries, therapies, and emergency care. 

First Entertainment Offers Pet Insurance That is the Pick of the Litter!  

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