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8 Must-Know Home Safety Tips for Travelers


Heading off on vacation should be all about relaxing and recharging, not worrying about what’s happening back home. But the reality is, an unoccupied home can be a target for burglaries or a common mishaps like a water leak. Here’s how to lock down your home so you can kick back and enjoy your trip with complete peace of mind.

Guard Your Home with a Security System: 

Homes without security tend to be more enticing to burglars. A security system not only scares off potential intruders but also notifies the authorities automatically should someone try to break in. Installing a security system might also give you a discount on your homeowners insurance.

Turn Off the Tap: 

Water damage can be a silent disaster. Shut off your main water supply before you leave if your getaway is an extended one. The peak of summer is when the risk of pipe leaks are higher.

Put Your Mail on Hold: 

A stuffed mailbox is like a beacon for burglars, letting them know that nobody’s home. Either pause your mail delivery or have a trusted friend or neighbor pick it up for you.

Keep Up Appearances: 

The goal is to make it seem like your home isn’t empty. Automatic sensors, timers for indoor lighting, and keeping the yard tidy are simple tricks that suggest someone’s still around.

Mind Your Social Shares: 

Posting those beach selfies in real time and sharing the fun with your followers can be a major tip off to burglars that your home is empty. Save the posting for after you’re back. Staying low-key online when out of town is a small sacrifice for keeping your home secure.

Power Down: 

Unplug your gadgets and appliances to protect them from power surges and decrease the risk of fire. This small step can help protect pricey electronics from damage.

Secure Your Garage Door:

With today’s tech-savvy burglars, an outdated automatic garage door opener can be an easy in. Secure it by updating or disconnecting it altogether, keeping your home safely sealed off.

Key Cache: 

Those “hidden” key spots aren’t as secret as you think. A safer bet is to leave a spare with someone reliable.

If you’ve made significant upgrades to your home security system or purchased high value items recently, check in with one of our Media Benefits Insurance Services agents to make sure you’re adequately covered. Knowing your policy details and keeping an updated inventory of valuables can ease the process if the unexpected does happen. Preparing your home for a worry-free vacation now means you can return to a safe sanctuary later.

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