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Term Savings Certificates

a woman with sunglasses enjoys certificate rates

Fixed Terms. Higher Dividends.

Want higher dividends on your Savings? Consider a Term Savings Certificate. However often or wildly dividend rates change, yours will be guaranteed for the duration of the fixed term you choose - from six (6) months to sixty (60) months - at the time your account was opened. Dividends accrue daily, are paid both monthly and at maturity, but penalties for early withdrawal may apply. A minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open.

Ready to Earn Higher Dividends?

If you have at least the minimum opening amount available in a First Entertainment account, simply fill out the online application, click submit, and that's it!


You have any questions or need assistance, send us a Secure Message from your account via Digital Banking or give us a call at 888.800.3328.