Money Market Savings

Save More. Earn More.

Our Money Market Accounts (MMAs) are loved for being some of the most profitable, safe and flexible investments possible. Your money is never locked away – you can make withdrawals and deposits at any time by a variety of convenient methods.* The minimum initial deposit is $2,500, but unlike Term Savings Certificates you can withdraw funds without penalty.

You want easy, total access to your funds? How’s this: You can access your MMA in-person, through 1st Call, or the FirstEnt Mobile App or by using You can also establish Automatic Payroll Deduction, an easy way to make your savings grow.

3 Ways to Open Your Money Market Savings Account

  1. Instant Open – To transfer money and open your account instantly, first log into and under the "Accounts" tab choose "Open Additional Sub-Accounts." Then select "Money Market Account" from the drop-down menu. Finish by clicking "Next." Not a user? Not a problem. Get Started with Here (it takes just minutes!)
  2. E-Mail – You can submit an E-Mail Application that will be processed within 24-48 hours.
  3. Print Now/Submit Later – If you prefer you can always print out a PDF Application, fill it out, and return it to us at your convenience.

* Withdrawals and transfers made online, via mobile, through 1st Call Telephone Banking System, or through ACH debits – including overdraft transfers – are limited to six (6) per month, per Federal Regulations. All other withdrawals and transfers made in person or via ATM transactions are unlimited.

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