Save More. Earn More.

Our Money Market Accounts (MMAs) are loved for being some of the most profitable, safe and flexible investments possible. Your money is never locked away – you can make withdrawals and deposits at any time by a variety of convenient methods.* The minimum initial deposit is $2,500, but unlike Term Savings Certificates you can withdraw funds without penalty.

You want easy, total access to your funds? How’s this: You can access your MMA in-person, through 1st Call, or the FirstEnt Mobile App or by using You can also establish Automatic Payroll Deduction, an easy way to make your savings grow.

3 Ways to Open Your Money Market Savings Account

  1. Instant Open – To transfer money and open your account instantly, first log into and under the "Accounts" tab choose "Open Additional Sub-Accounts." Then select "Money Market Account" from the drop-down menu. Finish by clicking "Next." Not a user? Not a problem. Get Started with Here (it takes just minutes!)
  2. E-Mail – You can submit an E-Mail Application that will be processed within 24-48 hours.
  3. Print Now/Submit Later – If you prefer you can always print out a PDF Application, fill it out, and return it to us at your convenience.

* Withdrawals and transfers made online, via mobile, through 1st Call Telephone Banking System, or through ACH debits – including overdraft transfers – are limited to six (6) per month, per Federal Regulations. All other withdrawals and transfers made in person or via ATM transactions are unlimited.