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Welcome to DashCash

DashCash is an easy way to send money to anyone -- no matter who they bank with!


  • Instantly1 transfer funds to anyone with a Debit card
  • Send funds to a cell phone number or email address
  • No registration necessary for the receiver to retrieve funds
  • No need to download a third party app
  • DashCash payments are sent using the same trusted networks that you currently use.

To get started with DashCash from our Mobile App, select Transfers and Payments > DashCash. To access DashCash from Online Banking, select Transfers > DashCash.

For more information, read our complete DashCash FAQ.

1 If unable to receive funds instantly with a debit card, funds can be received by ACH. ACH transactions may take 1-2 business days as determined by the receiver's bank.