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Direct Deposit/ACH/Check Re-Ordering

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The Information You Need

Use these easy instructions to re-order any of the check series offered by Harland Clarke Checks. To order checks online, you’ll need one of the following:

  1. The check re-order slip from your most recent check order, (located near the end of your current check supply). On this re-order slip, look for the 12-digit “Order Identification Number.” You’ll use this number to place your re-order. OR you’ll need…
  2. One of your checks. You'll need the "Routing/Transit Number (#)" which is 322274158 as well as the 14-digit "Account Number" from the bottom line of your check in order to place your re-order.
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Once you have located the information you need on either of these forms, click the Re-Order Checks button (below) to submit your request online.

Re-Order Your Checks Now

Re-Order Checks