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First Entertainment is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s pioneering Health Wheels mobile clinic.

“They’re a blessing,” said Gary Dion—a special-effects supervisor who works on the hit show “Bones”—in a 2013 article from The Los Angeles Times.

And no wonder. Four times a week, at five different lots, the MPTF’s remarkable mobile clinic opens its doors to folks who have little time to visit a doctor—and provides them with a wide range of services. From physicals to blood tests, pap tests to tending to injuries, a full time physician and staff make the process of taking care of oneself easy and super convenient.

The 30-foot vehicle includes an examination room, a full bathroom and nurse’s station, and is equipped for a doctor to do everything from skin biopsies to diagnosing stress-related and chronic injuries. “We have to do everything in a MASH environment,” said Karen Vock, project manager for Health Wheels.. She was referring to the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals used in combat areas.

“Our purpose is simple. If you can’t get off the lot, we’ll get to the lot,” Karen tells us, with a intensity that speaks volumes about MPTF’s determination to make a difference.

Supported by First Entertainment and Entertainment Partners, Health Wheels began studio visits in 2011, and has since served nearly 3,000 individuals.

“Since 1967, we’ve been helping employees in the industry stay financially healthy,” says our CEO/President Charles Bruen. “So supporting the physical health and wellness of the people in our unique industry seemed to be a perfect fit for us.”

First Entertainment and MPTF share a deep history with the business. We were founded to give members of the entertainment industry a chance to beat the banks. MPTF was founded by film pioneers Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith in 1921 with donations they collected from putting out tin cans. Back then, they called the effort the Motion Picture Relief Fund, and their motto was “Taking Care of Our Own.” Which pretty much sums up First Entertainment’s very reason for being.

We’re extremely proud to play a role in MPTF’s great work, and we encourage you to stop by for a visit the next time they’re on your lot.

You can see their schedule here.

Taking care of our Members, inside and out. That’s what makes our job so great!

About MPTF

For over 90 years, MPTF (Motion Picture & Television Fund) has served as a beacon of hope for entertainment industry members in their time of need. As a charitable organization, the MPTF provides financial assistance and services essential to the wellbeing of the community and is a leader in the development and implementation of services and programs for seniors and those who care for them. MPTF is supported by the generosity of corporate donors and fellow entertainment industry members who contribute their time and money because they believe in the critical importance of Hollywood Helping Hollywood. For more information, visit www.mptf.com.