A lot goes into our Annual Report. Here’s how we do it.

FEN-433 Ship Artwork_POSTER_FP

Every year, we like to do something a bit special with our Annual Report. Something that reflects the creativity of our Members, our love of the industry, and yes, even has a sense of humor. We figure, if you have to be looking at numbers, might as well make it as enjoyable as possible!

This year, as we were pondering various concepts, we were inspired by one of our Members, who kindly told us that visiting First Entertainment was like going to another world altogether…a place with nice, helpful people, pampering service and a deep understanding of what it’s like to be in show business.

It got us to thinking. What if we really were like visiting a different place altogether? We’d have to have travel posters, right?

And so we began to research the charming, exquisite travel posters of the 30s and 40s. Our concept was to create something that evoked the era, but with a modern spin. We scoured sites like Pinterest and Etsy, we visited auction sites and collectors groups, we Googled like crazy, and in the end we had hundreds of samples from which to draw inspiration. Eventually, we whittled it down to a handful of favorites, and then the real work began.

Each poster in our Annual Report was custom-illustrated, merging ideas and motifs to create something entirely new. They were illustrated on computer, but our goal was to give them the hand-drawn, airbrushed look of the era. The cover was especially challenging, as we wanted it to feel like an old-timey travel poster, yet make a dramatic statement that celebrates Hollywood.

Once the illustrations were complete, which took several months, we realized that a standard format just wouldn’t do; These were posters, after all, and we wanted to showcase them in the best way possible. Breaking traditional annual report formats, we went with a folded piece, which meant that as you open each section, the posters are revealed in increasingly larger sizes, until eventually, you end up with a full-size poster!

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from you guys, and we really appreciate it. In fact, we’ve had quite a few members request the posters as stand-alone pieces—framable, if you will. That’s the nicest compliment of all.

It was a great year for our Credit Union, topped off by our most unique Annual Report yet. We hope you like it.

Now the problem is, how are we going to top it next year? Eeek! Time to get back to work.


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